You can get to one of the longest ski slopes in the world from the Swiss Klein Matterhorn, also known as Piccolo Cervino. The highest mountain cable car in Europe will take you to the Klein Matterhorn through giant cracks in the glacier.

From here, from a height of 3883 meters, the epic 20-kilometer red track begins, descending to the Italian Valtournanche (1524 m), connected by a lift to neighboring Cervinia.

The route (elevation difference of 2279 meters) passes through huge glacial fields interspersed with steep mogul sections.

Due to the height at which the highway passes, it is open from November to mid-April. For those who want a little shorter, you can try the red Ventina track in Cervinia — an 11.5-kilometer descent from the Rosa Plateau.
Perhaps, no one will come to mind to argue with the statement that the diversity — both in terms of natural qualities and in terms of the complexity of the slopes — of the ski resorts of Italy is huge.

Cervinia, one of the oldest and most famous resorts, is located in the Aosta Valley, on the southern slopes of the four-thousand-meter Matterhorn peak.