The #1 Brazilian cake shop is just a few miles away with two stores in Orlando, FL. Order your cakes online with same day delivery.

It all started with a batedeira (mixing pot)

Sodiê Doces started in a small room and now has 320 locations worldwide. This growth is a result of the hard work and dedication of its founders. Before starting her business, Cleusa Maria da Silva, the creator of Sodiê Doces, worked as a temp and got the chance to help her boss’ wife make cakes. After her boss’ wife stopped making cakes due to health problems, Cleusa had the opportunity to continue the business and open up her own shop. Thus, Sodiê Doces was born! Today, Sodiê Doces is one of the biggest cake stores in Brazil and is making its way to the United States – with two stores in Orlando.

“In 1997, I finally had the opportunity to open my own business”

Cleusa Maria Da Silva


From a Family Business to an Empire

Sodiê Doces started off in a small building in the countryside of Brazil. Today, it is proudly an international business owned by Cleusa, a woman whose dream became reality through hard work, dedication, and taking chances.